Premium Dental Veneers on Manhattan’s Upper West Side

Dr. Stuart Gordon provides a choice of high-quality dental veneers on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, using only the best materials. Our dedicated dentist carefully listens to our patients’ concerns and goals so that he can help them choose the best option for their smile and deliver beautiful results.

Why Consider Dental Veneers?

Receiving dental veneers from our Upper West Side dentist can completely transform the look of your smile. This simple procedure can address any of the following dental issues:

  • Mild Tooth Crowding
  • Misshapen or Small Teeth
  • Gaps between Teeth
  • Chipped Teeth
  • Permanently Discolored Teeth

Our strong and durable veneers can completely conceal superficial defects on teeth or intrinsic staining.

Dental Veneers at our Upper West Side Dental Practice

This treatment takes two visits to complete and starts with obtaining a detailed impression of your teeth.  Dr. Gordon offers teeth whitening before shade-matching the veneers to ensure a uniformly brighter smile. d

The veneers themselves are thin shells that mimic the look and feel of naturally healthy teeth. After receiving your custom veneers from the lab, you will be asked to return for your second visit. At this time, Dr. Gordon prepares the teeth to be treated and apply each veneer to create your new smile.

Making the Most of Your Veneers

After Dr. Gordon checks the comfort of your bite and makes any necessary adjustments, you will be ready to greet the world with a new level of confidence. Our smile expert provides aftercare instructions which enable you to take good care of your natural teeth as well as your new veneers.

If you are planning on receiving veneers in preparation for an upcoming event, be sure to give yourself about a month to schedule your appointment, have your consultation, and then have your veneers applied. There is no additional time needed to have whitening conducted in-office. If you opt for take-home trays, add another two weeks to the process.

Learn More about Receiving Dental Veneers at our Upper West Side practice

Treatment with dental veneers may be all you need to achieve a smile you can be proud of. If you have other cosmetic or functional dental issues, veneers can also be an added to other treatments as an integral part of a full-smile makeover.

Call Dr. Stuart Gordon today for more information or to schedule a consultation.